Learning Environments

We believe that educators, families and physical spaces hold the potential to greatly influence what and how children learn.

Our outdoor space

Play, explore & imagine

Our large natural outdoor play space plays an integral role in our curriculum. This space allows children to come together from across all three rooms. The children have access to the outdoor space throughout the day and the learning opportunities are endless.

There are lots of opportunities for running, climbing, jumping and dance where large motor skills can be mastered. We also engage in imaginative play and exploration of natural materials. We use sand, sticks, pebbles and mud to foster a love and appreciation of the natural world.

Pretend play in our mud kitchen, creating face paint from rocks, watering the veggie garden, sitting and chatting on large sandstone boulders and ‘fishing’ from our dinghy are daily activities in our outdoor play area.


Our dedicated outdoor teacher ensures that the playground is utilised to capacity and integral to our learning.

The indoor and outdoor environments compliment each other in providing a dynamic child focused curriculum.

Out in the community

We are surrounded by beauty and history in our Church hall facilities next to St Mary's Anglican Church; a beautiful sandstone building with stain glass windows.

The Centre was established in 1951. We have worked tirelessly within our community to earn our reputation as a leading "Exceeding' child care centre in the Eastern Suburbs.

Further afield our local community provides us with endless opportunities within walking distance. The children from our Kookaburra room often venture out on excursions, to create relationships and learning opportunities outside the Centre.

The focus of our ‘out the gate’ program is to create and maintain links that are reciprocally beneficial to us and our local community.


Bringing the community in

Local community members are also invited into the Centre to share knowledge and expertise. Families are encouraged to spend time with us, sharing their skills, culture and life experiences.

Our community link is strengthened through these experiences as children, families and educators cook, dance, listen to stories, chat, create and learn from each other …. memories that will last a lifetime.