Philosophy and History

The values that guide our centre


We seek to enrich the lives of our children, their families and our staff by considering our quality, relationships, rights, acceptance and critical reflection for everyday decisions and ongoing improvements and development.

We create a safe place of belonging for all.


Our philosophy

We are a community of learners where children are recognised as citizens in their own right, with voices of their own. We honour their right to enjoy their childhood in an environment of unhurried discoveries and secure warm relationships.

The following values provide the blueprint for what we do and why.

Quality – We have a commitment to best quality evidence based pedagogy and embedding our values into everyday practice.

Connections – We value positive reciprocal interactions and collaborative efforts through responsive partnerships between children and their families, educators and the community.

Inclusion – We uphold the meaningful participation of all children in our learning community valuing their unique qualities and abilities.

Rights – We honour the right of the children to learn through play, where the focus is on the present day. The children's voices, wonderings and well being are central to decision making processes.

Reflection – We will support professional confidence, enquiry and transformative practices to enable children’s learning relevant to their dispositions.

Respect –  We recognise that the experiences and understandings that shape each one of us can create meaningful integrated learning, when they are acknowledged using generosity and empathy.


Our history

In 1951 the Parish of Waverley established a pre-school kindergarten in the Parish Hall for children between the ages of three and five years. Parishioners gave their time free of charge to the care of these children to enable families who needed to work the opportunity to do so.

The Centre has grown in numbers over the years, and has made the transition from being a Pre-school to that of a Long Day Care Centre, enabling it to meet the needs of parents who find they both have to work to support their families.

At the beginning of 1991, the Centre was licensed for 64 children per day between the ages of 2 and 5 years. Our most recent assessment and rating visit in 2019 by the Department of Education awarded us a rating of Exceeding the national standard. We have proudly held this rating since 2014.

Our management

The Centre is a registered company, limited by guarantee. The Company is administered by a Director in conjunction with a Management Committee comprising four members appointed by the Parish and four elected by the members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting.

The Rector of St Mary's Church is our chairperson.

Although not a member of the board, the Director works closely and collaboratively with the committee, attending all management meetings and administering the day-to-day running of the Centre.
Parents are encouraged to join the Association for $2 - $1 entrance Fee and $1 Annual Subscription.